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See how and why EVERFI supports positive learning outcomes for all students.


EVERFI Approach

Develop with Experts

We work with external and in-house subject-matter experts to build learning experiences that deliver quality content to address the missing learning layer.

Driven by Data

We use pre- and post-learning assessments and surveys to drive insights into how our content influences learner knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors.

Actively Evaluate Effectiveness

We develop research-based products and services and work continuously to verify their efficacy across educational settings to support deep and sustained learning.

Iterate and Improve

We use course data, learner surveys, and feedback from teachers to guide iterative improvements to our content and learning platform.

Efficacy and Outcomes Research


Impact of Futuresmart Online Financial Education Course on Financial Knowledge of Middle School Students. March 2021

The increasing role of schools in promoting financial literacy underscores the need to investigate the effectiveness of school-based financial education programs. This study examined FutureSmart—a free, co-curricular, online financial education course—using a quasi-experimental design with a diverse sample of middle school students nationwide. The fundamental implication of this research is that FutureSmart effectively conveys financial knowledge to middle school students, contributing to a foundation for their future financial well-being.

Archived Research

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