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EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students. Thanks to partners, we provide our digital platform, training, and support at no cost.

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Looking to embed more real-world skills in your lesson plans? EVERFI offers engaging, self-paced lessons your students can access from anywhere. Our digital platform offers 100+ interactive, game-based lessons for teachers to better engage students at all grade levels.

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Teachers across North America bring real-world learning to life with EVERFI. Click your state/territory on our interactive map below to see the impact EVERFI has made in your community!

Hear Why 50K Schools Use EVERFI

"EVERFI is an invaluable resource for our students as a method for engaging instruction because of its relevant and authentic application to students' lives. Students grow as a result of this program in extremely positive ways - both in their understanding of financial literacy and their interest in the subject matter."


Amber Graeber

Social Studies Curriculum Director and Advance Placement Coordinator

Des Moines Public Schools, IA

"Our district's EVERFI experience has been nothing but positive. Teachers tell me that they're so appreciative of the interactive, curriculum-related STEM resources that can be utilized in lesson plans. They've truly enjoyed the resources and have found them to be very practical with real-world applications. Well done EVERFI!"


Larry Eddy

Science, Technology & Skilled Trades-Program Specialist

Newfoundland & Labrador, CAN

"As a teacher, it is amazing that there are sponsors who make this wonderful tool free for us to use! EVERFI offers quality resources with real-life scenarios for students to make deeper connections. I love that it connects directly to our standards and that there are additional lesson ideas to expand and deepen the learning."


Tonya Nugent

Technology and Computers Teacher

Meads Mill Middle School, MI

EVERFI is FREE for K-12 Educators