Uncovering Unconscious Bias Training Course

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Unconscious: ŭn•kŏn•shəs, adj., not available to or observable by the conscious mind.

Bias: bīəs, noun, prejudice in favor of or against a person, group or thing.

Ask anyone if they’re prejudiced and their response will be “no” – they’re forward thinkers without bias. But we all have biases: some based on fear of the unknown, some on traumatizing experiences, others are culturally ingrained, yet others are so subtle we don’t know they exist.

An example of unconscious bias in hiring: two resumes cross your desk; the candidates are equally qualified. Do you gravitate toward the one with the more easily pronounceable name, the one that graduated from your Alma Mater, or the one whose gender is the same as yours? These are the types of subtle examples of workplace bias outlined in the Uncovering Unconscious Bias cultural diversity training module.


High-quality diversity programs are more important than ever as the landscape for employers continues to evolve to demand a more diverse talent pool than ever before. Companies are experiencing greater regulatory pressure to analyze and expand their lawful hiring practices.

Robust diversity programs that feature unconscious bias training can help your staff understand how pervasive bias is in today’s workforce. Our cultural diversity training provides eye-opening studies and statistics about the prevalence of unconscious bias and its damaging effects. Our diversity course explores the differences between impact and intent, and examines how supervisors may unknowingly expose their company to risk.

This online diversity course offers strategies to help uncover and dislodge unconscious bias in your organization. We aim to help your organization maintain compliance and promote an inclusive and respectful workplace by overcoming unconscious bias from entry-level to the C-suite.

Our goal is to protect your organization from legal and financial risks. Contact us today for a free demo to see how Everfi can empower your employees.


Our courses have a streamlined user experience and contain unconscious bias training exercises designed to engage all your employees. Our course design incorporates additional features to ensure learner comprehension while tracking progress at every step.


  • Customizable to Meet Your Organization’s Needs
  • Interactive eLearning Courses
  • Additional Resources
  • Available in Spanish (Latin America)


  • What is Unconscious Bias (Implicit Bias)?
  • Strategies to Combat Unconscious Biases
  • The Damaging Effects of Unconscious Bias: Research Studies and Statistics
  • Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process and Decision-Making
  • Tips and Tricks for Recognizing Unconscious Bias


AUDIENCE:All employees
TIME:20 min
PACKAGES:Harassment & Inclusion, HR & People
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