What are Maine’s harassment training requirements?   

The state of Maine’s mandatory harassment training requirements can be found in Title 26, Section 807, of the Maine Revised Statutes. These laws require employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training within the first year of employment.

What must sexual harassment training in Maine cover? 

Maine’s mandatory harassment training requires that you train employees on the the illegality and definition of sexual harassment according to the Maine Human Rights Act, federal law, and federal regulations, including a description and examples of harassment. In addition, the law requires that the training covers the internal complaint process available to the employee, the legal recourse available to them through the Maine Human Rights Commission (and how to contact the agency), the protection against retaliation under Maine law, and additional training for supervisory and managerial employees on the methods to ensure immediate and appropriate corrective action in addressing sexual harassment complaints.

Who does Maine’s workplace harassment laws apply to?  

Maine’s workplace harassment laws apply to all Maine employers (including private sector companies and the state of Maine) with 15 or more employees who work on a regular basis, whether full-time or part-time. 

What does Maine’s mandatory harassment training mean for your business? 

Considering the expansive nature of the mandate, your business will likely need to take a number of measures to satisfy Maine’s harassment training requirements. As a first step, you will need to ensure that you have delivered sexual harassment training to your existing workforce prior and make a plan for all new hires.

Want to learn more about the mandates across North America? 

The EVERFI team of dedicated in-house attorneys wants you to have a clear understanding of which states and provinces require harassment training.  Explore our interactive guide to sexual harassment prevention training requirements.

Required Harassment Training