Louisiana HB 524, codified at La. R.S. §§ 42:341 through 344.

What are Louisiana’s mandatory harassment training requirements? 

Louisiana’s sexual harassment training laws, Louisiana HB524, require that all public employees and elected officials receive a minimum of 1 hour of education and training on preventing sexual harassment. The law also requires each agency head to compile an annual report detailing certain information, including the number of employees who have taken sexual harassment training, the number of sexual harassment complaints received, and the number of complaints that resulted in disciplinary actions. 

What should sexual harassment prevention training in Louisiana cover?  

The Louisiana sexual harassment prevention law requires each agency head to notify employees of their employer’s policy against sexual harassment and the mandatory training requirement on preventing sexual harassment.  

Although the law does not specify the contents of the anti-harassment training, the mandatory policy on sexual harassment must include a clear statement that sexual harassment, as defined, will not be tolerated; a description and examples of the behavior the agency defines as inappropriate; an effective complaint or grievance process that includes taking immediate and appropriate action; a clear prohibition against retaliation for filing a complaint, or for testifying or participating in any way in an investigation or other proceeding involving a sexual harassment complaint; and a statement apprising public servants of applicable federal and state law on sexual harassment.

Who does Louisiana’s mandatory harassment training law apply to?  

The state of Louisiana’s mandatory harassment training law applies to all public servants. The law defines a public servant as a public employee or elected official.

What does Louisiana HB 524 mean for you? 

Considering the nature of the sexual harassment training mandate, Louisiana HB524, if you work in the government in Louisiana you will likely need to take a number of measures to satisfy Louisiana’s mandatory harassment training requirements. As a first step, you will need to ensure that you have delivered sexual harassment training to your existing workforce and make a plan for all new hires. Additionally, each agency head will need to compile and make an annual report available as public record by February 1st of each year.

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