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At EVERFI, we continually listen to the needs of our educator network who use our digital resources to teach real-world skills.

Our team is thrilled to announce six new courses for the 2020-2021 school year, offering you 34 additional lessons on topics like financial literacy, environmental learning, and diversity education. As always, all of our resources are completely free.

Our web-based resources offer you built-in grading so you can monitor student progress while providing asynchronous, real-world learning opportunities.

  • Pathways:
    Financing Higher Education

    Pathways: Financing Higher Education is dedicated to providing high school learners with the skills they need to make the best decisions for themselves when financing their higher education. Available October 2020.

    Grade Level: 9 - 12
    Course Topics:
    • Return on Investment
    • Understanding Financial Aid
    • Student Loan Basics
    • Budgeting for Your Loans
    • Repaying Loans Responsibly

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  • Money Moves
    Modern Banking & Identity ProtectionTM

    Money Moves: Modern Banking & Identity ProtectionTM helps students develop strategies for managing their finances through online banking tools, showing them how to protect themselves against online scams and fraud. Available November 2020.

    Grade Level: 9 - 12
    Lesson Topics:
    • Digital Banking
    • Virtual Payment Apps
    • Avoiding Identity Theft
    • Fraud

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  • BINAH: Building Insights to Navigate Antisemitism & Hate

    Antisemitism Prevention helps students understand the history and current reality of antisemitism in the U.S. and how it relates to other expressions of discrimination in order to build empathy, understanding and a more inclusive community. Available September 2020

    Grade Level: 9 - 12
    Lesson Topics:
    • Defining Antisemitism
    • Antisemetic Acts - Historically and in Modern Day
    • Discrimination and Social Intolerance
    • Allyship

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  • Sustainability Foundations

    Sustainability Foundations introduces students to the basics of sustainability, focusing on the choices learners can make every day. Available October 2020

    Grade Level: 5 - 8
    Lesson Topics:
    • How Our Choices Affect the Environment
    • Healthy Environmental Systems
    • Personal and Social Responsibility

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  • Sustainability Foundations: Plants, Animals, and Our World

    Plants, Animals & Our Planet will use science and social studies content to build an understanding that we are all responsible for our planet. Available October 2020

    Grade Level: 5 - 8
    Lesson Topics:
    • Human Health & the Environment
    • The Science Behind Climate Change
    • Global Resource Constraints
    • Biodiversity

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  • Vaping: Know the truth

    We are proud to bring a new course created with Truth Initiative in collaboration with both Kaiser Permanente – as part of its Thriving Schools initiative – and the American Heart Association on vaping prevention and resources to quit. Youth e-cigarette use remains at epidemic levels and this prevention-forward digital learning experience gives today’s students core knowledge around the dangers associated with using e-cigarettes and offers resources to help young people quit if they already vape. This course is particularly timely given that the COVID-19 pandemic has many schools seeking digital resources for students learning remotely and a recent study shows young people who have ever vaped being more likely to test positive for coronavirus. Available November 2020

    Grade Level: 8 - 12
    Lesson Topics:
    • Dangers of Vaping
    • Addiction & Nicotine
    • Refusal Skills
    • Resources to Quit

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