Online Wage & Hour Training for Supervisors

Train your supervisors to comply with Fair Labor Standards Act.

This Wage & Hour Training Course Covers

  • Wage and Hour Laws
  • Record Keeping
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA)


Federal law dictates wage and hour requirements, but when supervisors miscalculate time worked or misclassify compensatory time and overtime, organizations can face steep legal consequences.

This interactive course provides an overview of federal wage and hour laws specifically tailored for managers. It identifies common problem areas such as paying overtime, classifying employees, and offering breaks in the workday, intersecting the law and real-world examples. If you’ve been looking for a comprehensive online course that covers FLSA training, FMLA training, and CCPA training, this is it.


Guides Supervisors
to understand their responsibilities related to federal wage and hour laws.

Explains Reasonable Action
and when and how supervisors should seek guidance before taking action.

Provides Examples
of real-life consequences of failure to properly apply wage and hour laws.

Instructs Managers
on how to make compliants under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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An Evidence-Based Online Wage & Hour Training Solution

Easily deploy this customizable and effective wage and hour training course to educate your supervisors.

Fresh Approach

The innovative look and feel to the wage and hour training will spark and maintain employee interest throughout the training.

Instructional Design

Cutting edge design using best practices to engage your workforce and build critical skills.


Administrators can add and remove company resources to the wage and hour training as policies and procedures evolve.

Built for Scale

Our platform empowers training teams to take advantage of flexible user assignments, monitor completion rates, and track policy acknowledgments.

Mobile Friendly

All content is available online on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices to offer maximum flexibility for your workforce.


Build a branded experience with several in-course opportunities to showcase company resources such as policies, handling of data, and reporting requirements.