Vault - Understanding Money™ is an interactive platform that incorporates multiple evidence-based learning theories to increase students’ knowledge and build the foundation for making good financial decisions at a young age.

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Topics Included:

- Financial Responsibility & Decision Making
- Income and Careers
- Planning & Money Management
- Credit & Debt
- Insurance & Risk Management
- Savings & Investing

Target Audience:
4th - 6th Grades

2.5 hours

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy National Standards

  • Rich Assessment Data

    Each learning group contains assessments that measure student knowledge gains after completing the curriculum. This data can be shared with parents and the community to demonstrate program impact.

    Pf Ever Fi Big Data
  • Badging and Certification

    Students earn digital badges for mastering key skills such as money management and job planning. Upon completing the curriculum, they earn certification in understanding money.

    Pf Vault Badging
  • Real-Life Simulations

    Upon completing a learning group, students “unlock” a game and apply their learning in a variety of story-based activities and simulations that challenge them to practice good decision-making around budgeting and saving.

    Pf Vault Real Life Sim

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