Transit - Financial Wellness™ is a turnkey platform to empower students with the skills to successfully manage their finances while in school and beyond, and minimize dropout and student loan defaults through education.

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Topics Covered:

- Student Loan Default Prevention
- Savings & Banking
- Credit Score
- Insurance & Taxes
- Credit Cards
- Investing
- 401ks
- Mortgages

Target Audience:
Undergraduate students

1-2 hours

Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy National Standards

  • Rich Assessment Data

    Transit includes scientifically engineered surveying for data analysis. Executive Summaries provide analysis and insights around knowledge gain and changes in students’ attitudes and behaviors.

    Big Data
  • Interactive Budgeting and Planning Tools

    Robust tools and calculators allow students to analyze their
monthly budget and make dynamic decisions about their finances and loan repayments.

    Transit 2

  • Adaptive Simulations

    Transit applies proprietary “adaptive pathing” to deliver a personalized experience to each student based on enrollment status, debt level, employment status, location, etc.

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