Financial Education:         Preparing a generation to make sound financial decisions.

Credit card bills, debt, saving, and financing higher education may not be top of mind for most students, but the financial decisions they make today will have a long-term impact on their lives. Poor financial awareness jeopardizes teens’ ability to succeed in today's complex and competitive environments.


“The EverFi program really breaks it down and shows you step by step what’s actually going to happen when you get out in the real world.”
-Kyra Jackson, Senior, Parkdale High School, Riverdale, MD
The number one reason that students leave college is debt/financial stress, followed by poor academic performance and poor social fit.
(Source: Hoffman, Mckenzie, & Paris, 2008)
American twenty-somethings hold $45,000 in debt on average, and 60% of them say they’re concerned about it.
(Source: PNC Bank)

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