EverFi Celebrates

EverFi is joining thousands of educators, millions of students, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park in partnering with the Alliance for Excellent Education for the second annual Digital Learning Day. At EverFi, we’re honored to work with thousands of innovative teachers who are transforming their classrooms through digital learning every day. We can’t think of a better day to honor their dedication and commitment.

In the Words of Our Teacher Ambassadors...
In celebration of Digital Learning Day, we asked some of our Teacher Ambassadors to share how they’re embracing digital learning in their classrooms.

"I post a thought-provoking question on my class webpage, and students blog about it. Blogging helps gauge my students’ current level of knowledge and interest in a new topic. I pose questions such as: "Is America a super economy? Why or why not?" In class, I read the responses aloud to start a group discussion, which sometimes turns into a heated debate. My students are not only engaged, but they are eager to begin studying the topic."

Terri Carson
Business Department Head
Patriot High School (VA)

"My students create electronic portfolios of their work to prepare for college applications! My Interior Design students create 3D floor plans and design proposals using the ipad apps Houzz, Home Design 3D, and Corkulous. Utilizing technology in the classroom seems to make your class more relevant to teenagers – they feel like you have the latest information so it’s worth paying attention to."

Susan Baudoin
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Parkdale High School (MD)

"Blended learning works best when coupled with other critical-thinking activities. Students learn a lot more when they are engaged in something new and different, and they don’t even realize that they are learning. Just this past week my seventh graders were learning about building spreadsheets, and we played Battleship in Excel. The kids loved it, and the next day when we reviewed the parts of a spreadsheet, they were able to recall every one!"

Stefanie Morris
Business Computer Skills Teacher
Ellis Middle School (NC)

"Digital tools allow students to take personal responsibility for their learning. I have moved from direct instruction to facilitating the students’ learning. Students use my online Blackboard bulletins to find their assignments and learn about the digital citizenship through the EverFi’s Ignition curriculum. I am shifting the classroom from “paper and pencil” instruction to learning in a virtual world!"

Suzanna Worrells
Business Education

East Garner Magnet Middle School (NC)