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AlcoholEdu® incorporates the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly personalized user experience that inspires students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking behaviors.

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A federally funded, 30-campus randomized control trial found that AlcoholEdu reduces high-risk drinking and alcohol-related harms among college students. The program motivates behavior change by:

- Resetting unrealistic expectations about the effects of alcohol
- Linking choices about drinking to academic and personal success
- Helping students practice safer decision-making
- Engaging students to create a healthier campus community

Target Audience:
First-year college students

1.5 hours

Performance Assessments:
Pre-and post-exams and behavioral surveys

  • Adaptive Pathways

    AlcoholEdu delivers a personalized experience to all types of students based on their drinking choices and readiness to change. For example, frequent high-risk drinkers receive a Brief Motivational Intervention

    Alcohol Edu Stratgies
  • Goal-Setting and Planning Tools

    “Personal Plan” tool allows students to set personal goals based on their drinking choices and provides highly specific strategies and suggestions to help them achieve these goals.

    Alcohol Edu Plan

  • Rich Assessment Data

    Pre- and post-surveys yield a robust database on first-year students’ alcohol use, including where, when, why, and how students drink. This data can then be compared to the national aggregate and customized peer group results.

    Big Data

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